“Luxury and sustainability are one and the same.” - François-Henri Pinault

Kering's vision of luxury is based on inspiring our Houses to higher levels of economic, environmental, ethical and social performance. We believe that sustainability is a source of creativity and innovation as well as a guarantee of high quality and authenticity.

Crafting tomorrow's luxury: our sustainability strategy for 2025

Sustainability has been at the core of our strategy for over ten years, but now we want to go further. Based on three pillars: CARE for environmental actions, COLLABORATE for social initiatives and CREATE for innovation, our 2025 Strategy will take our Group to a new, ambitious standard of sustainability.

The Kering Planet

The Kering Planet is a site which is designed to give all employees the opportunity to get creative and imagine what our sustainable future looks like. Every few months, you will have the chance to participate in a new challenge, game or competition that highlights one of our 2025 sustainability pillars.

Designed with Care Challenge

This challenge is focusing on Kering EP&L tool, published in 2012 on Design the most sustainable product on The Kering Planet and maybe win one of our Kering responsible prizes!